Community Web Service

Created and Nurtured by DSBWorldwide, the Community Web System is a service aimed at bringing together the consumers and business community.

A Little Information

Online Social Networking Providers are the newest phenomenom to hit the internet.  With the success of and many like them, the Internet community have come to embrace their systems to communicate with other people.

With DSB's Community Web Portal System having been in development for over 15 years.  It is more than just a profile system for people to interact.  It allows for people to connect with other people but also with businesses.  We have built from the ground up a unique business directory communication blogging system.  It brings consumers and business together to easily communicate.

Some of the features include:

  • Personal Member Profile area
  • Long Description of the business.
  • Contact Listings with Portraits, Biographies, Address and Phone, and a feedback form to allow people to communicate through.  Our policy is not to display your email address on the web.
  • Photo albums
  • News blogs
  • Events
  • Product Listings
  • Directory Service
  • Messaging System
  • Forums
  • Aside from membership advertising Options include sponsored listings, banner advertising
  • Member Administration area
  • Easy sign up and renewal
  • Connect to other members
  • Comments on the member
  • More features are being added regularly