DSBWorldWide can help your business explode into the world of e-commerce by bringing your products and services to your customers online. DSBWorldWide proprietary software, Webitems® Software, allows you to list your products and services through online galleries by category, complete with product/service description, images, pricing and manage product details. All of which can be easily managed by you through the back office.

Product Gallery

Webitems® Software allows you to list your products in a gallery format by category, complete with item photos, description, cost, sizes, style, and color.

Order Processing System

Webitems® Software integrated order processing system can allow users to create accounts, browse listed items, subscribe to mailing lists, add items to a shopping card and make secure purchases hassle free with our integrated merchant services.  Receipts are generated for the customer and the back office for managing the Order Processing.

Integrated Shopping Cart

Webitems® Software integrated order processing system comes with an integrated shopping cart that that will allow your customers to manage their purchase by adding and removing select items. They will also be able to view purchase totals including any tax and shipping.

Integrated Merchant Service

Webitems® Software integrated merchant service lets you connect your merchant service with the order processing to allow smooth transactions and speedy service.

Integrated Stock Control

Webitems® Software integrated shopping card can also be used with Webitems integrated stock control add-on, allowing products to be restocked as they are sold. You never have to worry about selling out of a product item again.

Optional Members Only Access

With our optional members’ only access feature, you can restrict viewing of certain information, products, or services, giving you control over who views and purchases your products or services.

Back Office Management

Webitems® Software provides a user friendly back office to manage your website. This includes adding or removing products, managing clients, even making changes to your websites appearance by adding, altering, or removing webpages and navigation.

Customer Relation Management

Webitems® Software provides many tools to promote good customer relations such as:

  •      Coupon, Discount and Promo Code Applications
  •      Subscription Application
  •      Customer Email Notification System

This allows you to reward customer loyalty and inform the customer of any promotions you may wish to run.

Custom Shopping Systems

DSB can also customize our E-Commerce Shopping System for your business. 

Contact DSB on how we can help put your products online.