Mobile Strategy


"IF NOT having a company website is like owning a candy store that’s closed on Thursdays & Fridays then NOT making it mobile friendly is like refusing to sell chocolate!!"

With widespread availability of 3G/4G networks and the sales of "smart devices" rocketing more and more people are accessing the web from a mobile platform. Websites are seeing increased traffic from phones, tabs and pads and it is critical that your company forms a strategy to serve the needs of the mobile customer.

Smart Presentation

DSB Worldwide's expertise, understanding and experience with online business model development will enable you to decide on the best strategy for your company's mobile future. We can help you decide on the level of presentation required for your customers then provide you with a choice of level of engagement with either a mobile friendly website, a website that adapts to your mobile users needs or mobile access specifically tuned to their needs.

Smart Interaction

A mobile friendly website makes an ideal marketing platform and you can increase its reach by providing targeted access for a variety of smart devices. However, the highest customer retention returns are seen with an active personal response, that is providing your customers with a method of interacting with your website in a meaningful way.

One of the best interactive tools available for promoting your business is the web based mobile application. A web based mobile application will maximize the leverage of your companies investment in online marketing.

  • Not just iPhone or iPad but compatibility with all connected smart devices.
  • Reuse back end services with in mobile applications.
  • Reduce company cost by utiiizing cross platform applications.


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