Search Engine Marketing & Optimization


Visibility in Search Results

All business professionals now know that having a well designed website is just the first step in setting up a comprehensive online marketing presense. Its is not enough to just build a website and hope your customers will find it  - you have to actively promo and market your website online. Your clients or customers must be able to find you on the search engines or the time, energy and money invested in a websie design will wasted.

Proven Results

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing has proven to be a success.

DSBWorldWide partnered with Tony Dean Consulting has the knowledge and experience you can leverage to promote your website into a position where it can be easilly found on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Our results for have pushed the client sites to page one on Google sitting in the top 1-5 rankings for most Food Handler Certification phrases. Especially with a focus on geographical terms.

Go ahead, try it. Search on, or the following phrases:

  • "Denton Tx Food Handler Classes" or
  • "Denton Tx Food Handler License" or
  • "Denton Tx Food Handler Permit" or
  • with other variations of License, Certificate, Certification

You'll see normally in the top spot.

Our goal is to improve your ranking/listings in the search engines to drive traffic to your website through keyword phrases that describe the service your business provides. is another client that has recognized the rewards of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

Take a look at some of the keyword phrases that are being used to help make number one:
  • “Lufkin Law Firms” or
  • “Lufkin Employment Law Attorneys” or
  •  “Lufkin Discrimination Lawsuit” or
  •  “Lufkin Plaintiff Attorney”