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Our family of proprietary products includes our WebItems® Software content management system (CMS) which allows clients the freedom to easily update websites and web marketing platform, interact with clients, employees and vendors, and integrate with online inventory management programs or shopping carts. DSBWorldWide’s E-Commerce solutions allows you to manage your inventory, communicate with customers and vendors, display your products in a variety of appealing gallery formats and order processing systems, all from a user-friendly backoffice environment.

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DSBWorldWide's Back Office UAdmin has been streamlined for more effective website content management, web-based marketing and online publishing. The backoffice users interface features an organized workflow process for both online content, shopping carts, product listings and other modules integrated into the system. It is a proven, effective tool for business integration and site management.

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Brief History


We started developing our suite of WebItems® Software more than a decade ago, beginning with an installable application named Marina WebItems® module. Built with Visual Basic 6.0, the module allowed marinas to post their boat listings and slip information to the web. WebItems® Software has since evolved to an all web-based application, and is currently open source software utilizing a variety of languages and objects.

User Friendly


We built the new Uadmin with end-user interaction in mind. We laid a foundation for growth of end-user ability and functionality, insuring new sections would be easy to ‘snap in,’ and skins that offer end-users the ability to change the layout of their home page. We made the Workflow process comfortable, the learning curve minimal, and access to information readily available.


A Flexible Product


The tremendous growth of e-business, online sales and marketing has brought about a huge demand for high quality design in internet based software applications. WebItems® Software is flexible enough to cater for small, medium or large sized businesses, and is a powerhouse that can fully support any e-business venture.



For more information on WebItems® Software and how it can be integrated into your business web site, intranet or extranet, please call DSB at 903-813-4188
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